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 Direct Admission BPT

What Is BPT?

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) is an undergraduate degree program that mandates students to fulfill a four-year course of study for graduation. The study of physiotherapy stands out as one of the most specialized undergraduate programs, ensuring employment opportunities upon course completion. Within the healthcare profession, individuals pursuing BPT have a myriad of career options, spanning from employment in clinics and physiotherapy health centers to establishing and managing their own clinics, practicing independently.

The BPT syllabus encompasses the study of how to utilize electro-physical treatment, exercises, and manual therapy to assist individuals. The coursework delves into various aspects of physiotherapy, equipping students with diverse skills that are crucial in their professional journey.

BPT Course Details

"BPT," which stands for "Bachelor of Physiotherapy," is a program where students delve into the field of physiotherapy. Here, we present key details about the BPT course, offering students a concise overview of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy program.

  • BPT is the abbreviated form for Bachelor of Physiotherapy, a four-year undergraduate program within the field of medical science. In the year 2020, over 67,000 students were enrolled in BPT courses across various institutes in India. Presently, part-time and online learning methods have become prevalent in BPT education.

  • To be eligible for enrollment in the BPT degree program, candidates should have completed their intermediate education with a minimum score of 50% or more. Successful completion of entrance exams such as IPU CET, VEE, BCECE, and others is also crucial for admission.

  • The program fees for prestigious physiotherapy institutes in India can range from INR 60,000 to INR 1.2 Lac per year. Graduates with a BPT degree can pursue various professions such as Physiotherapist, Consultant, Osteopath, Sports Physio Rehabilitator, among others.

  • The salary packages for BPT degree holders in their professional careers may vary from INR 2 to INR 8 LPA. Graduates have opportunities to work in diverse settings including sports teams, health institutions, educational institutions, and hospitals.

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