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MBBS Direct Admission in Telangana

In this article we will discuss MBBS Admission in Telangana. It is one of the prominent states for MBBS Admission in India.
Telangana has a total of 29 medical colleges. Out of which 10 are government medical colleges and 23 are private medical colleges.

  1. Total Medical colleges in Telangana- 33

  2. Total Government Medical colleges in Telangana – 10

  3. Total Private Medical colleges in Telangana- 23

There are 3 categories of seats in private medical colleges of Telangana

  1. Category A – Govt. Quota seats in private medical colleges (Fee- 60,000/year). Only domicile students can apply.

  2. Category B – Management Quota seats in private medical colleges (Fee – 11.55 – 14.50 lakh/year) Non-domicile students can also apply.

  3. NRI Seats – For NRI Quota students (Fee- 2xmanagement fees)

We have helped many students in getting MBBS admission in Telangana. We have successfully helped more than 400 students in getting MBBS admission in the year 2021. You can contact us for expertise counselling. We can save lakhs of rupees for you and can get you the best possible college in the lowest budget.

Cutoffs of Government Medical Colleges of Telangana

Medical Colleges Telangana

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Cutoffs for Private Medical Colleges in Maharashtra

Telangana private medical colleges

2023 Cutoff of Private Medical Colleges of Telangana

Telangana government medical colleges

Eligibility for  MBBS Admission in Telangana

Any student who has qualified NEET examination is eligible to take MBBS admission in Telangana. Government medical colleges of telangana allow admission to non domicile students in only 15% seats through MCC All India Quota Counselling. Private Medical colleges in Telangana allow MBBS Admission to non domicile students only on management seats.

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