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Direct MDS Admission

MDS Course

MDS, or Master of Dental Surgery, is a specialized field in medical science that focuses on oral, jaw, dental, and facial areas. The program spans three years. Candidates seeking admission must possess a Bachelor's degree in Dental Science, with exceptions for special cases that allow a 1-year internship experience.

Admission to MDS in 2023 is solely based on entrance examinations such as NEET MDS, AIIMS PG, AIPGDEE, etc., which can be conducted at the state or national level.

The annual MDS course fee varies depending on the type of institute. Government institutes typically have a fee starting from INR 12,000, while private colleges may charge up to INR 17,00,000.

MDS Course Highlights

  • Course Level- Master’s degree

  • Full-Form- Master of Dental Surgery

  • Duration- 3 years

  • Examination type - Yearly

  • Eligibility - Minimum 50% in BDS, Entrance test score

  • Admission Process-  Merit and Entrance based

  • Course Fee-  Government: Approx INR 2,000 Private: Approx INR 17,00,000

  • Average Salary- INR 5,00,000

  • Top Recruiting Companies- Private: Fortis Healthcare , MAX Healthcare , Care Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Dental clinics, Nursing Homes Government: Indian Council of Medical Research, AIIMS, State Hospitals, Health Centers, Public Health Centers

  • Job Positions- Dentist/ Dental surgeon in clinics and hospitals Dental Hygienist Academic Lecturer Clinical Research Scientist General Practitioner

Master of Dental Surgery: What is it About?

Dental Science is a specialized section of medical science. Master of Dental Surgery is a dedicated course of specialized study.

1. The focus is on oral and dental hygiene, anatomy, problems, cure, prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation.

2. The course emphasizes in-depth knowledge of topics related to oral and dental health and hygiene.

3. In a country like India, where oral problems are a constant concern, higher studies in dentistry offer promising career opportunities, involving aspects of population and public health, as well as pediatric dentistry.

4. This extensive field of study offers various specializations due to its detailed nature.

5. Candidates must choose a specialization from a list, guiding their future studies in that particular area.

Why Study Master of Dental Surgery?

Master of Dental Surgery is the final level of professional study that involves gaining professional knowledge and skills that are important for the medical branch of dentistry.

1. Aspirants gain comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in addressing real-life medical challenges associated with oral and dental ailments through various specializations.

2. To embark on a career as an expert in this expansive field, students must attain professional proficiency by undergoing laboratory training, OPD duties, internships, practical classes, seminars, lectures, etc.

3. Those aspiring to excel in the medical field of dental and oral specialties should pursue this course to become affiliated as experts.

4. The final examination involves a written test, thesis submission, practical exams, and a viva-voce.

5. Upon completion of the program, candidates commence their careers as Dental Surgery experts, specializing in their chosen field.

6. Job opportunities for Master of Dental Surgery graduates include roles such as Dental Surgeon, Dental Hygienist, Academic Lecturer, Clinical Research Scientist, and General Practitioner.

7. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Dental Surgery is a promising future step for MDS candidates, enhancing the value and scope of career prospects significantly.

Master of Dental Surgery: Admission Process

Admission to the master’s degree program of Dental Surgery is purely based on entrance examinations.

1. Colleges may conduct various examinations or consider scores from nationwide entrance exams.

2. Entrance exams can be at either state or national levels, contingent on college policies.

3. Following the acquisition of a valid score, candidates must select their preferred colleges during the counseling process.

MDS Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for admission to the MDS course are as follows:

1. Completion of a Bachelor of Dental Science from an MCI-affiliated and recognized Dental college in India is mandatory.

2. Eligibility requires a minimum aggregate score of 50%.

3. Candidates with a 2-year PG Diploma in Dental Surgery, recognized by the Dental Council of India, are also eligible.

4. Some institutions, like Manipal College of Dental Science, may have additional criteria, such as a mandatory one-year internship after completing BDS, as a prerequisite for admission to the Master of Dental Surgery course.

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